Why you need a website (and not just social media presence)

"A fool is soon parted with their money." - P.T. Barnum

Your future customers, colleagues, and clients feel the same way. Which is why they are leery when trying out a new provider, and it being crucial to present a professional and business-looking frontage to your sales leads and professional network.

  • Would you trust a business that does not have a website?
  • Do you look for a business in Google Search first, Facebook search second?
  • Feel like you can't trust a @bigpond.com, @yahoo.com, or @gmail.com email used for business purposes?

These are just a few of the barriers to entry small businesses sometimes choose to ignore and workaround on their own, thinking a mobile phone number and a Yellow Pages ad are all one needs to promote a business.

That business model may have worked in the 80's and early 90's, but not today's internet-savvy customers looking for your services online. Whether they are Gen X or Millenials, internet literate clients expect some sort of proof of life, validation that your business can be a trusted supplier of what they need.

Still think you can get by without a website? BIG MISTAKE.

Unless you intend on keeping your small business as nothing more than a part-time hobby.

These days there's no excuse to not have a website, whether you opt for an affordable SMB Website package from Nephological, or one of the many free services out there, including Mailchimp's free website tool, one of our #1 e-marketing suppliers preferred by Nepho:



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