Running out of space in Google Drive? Here's what you need to know...

It can be a bit scary when nearing your storage limit in Google. Whether you're using a free or a G Suite - Basic license, running out of storage is a matter of when not if.

Nephological's recommendation for G Suite users nearing storage capacity is to upgrade the organization to G Suite - "Unlimited". These type of G Suite for Business accounts have literal unlimited storage in Gmail and Drive when there are 5 or more users in the organization (1TB per user for 4 users or less).

However, sometimes this upgrade isn't an option, or not the right time. Here are a few easy steps to mitigate a Google account nearing its storage capacity:

1. Sort Google Drive by file size

Removing the largest files at the top of this list will give you some instant breathing room (don't forget to empty Trash/Bin. Actual storage % changes can take up to 24 hours to correctly display).

2. Upgrade storage for one user

Each user account can upgrade its own storage for just that account. Prices are affordable and less than most competitors like Dropbox.

3. Transition to G Suite file types

All those MS Word, .zips, and videos you've uploaded to Drive? They are eating into your storage consumption. But Google file formats do not. Transitioning to Gdocs and Gsheets will increase your collaboration ability and consume zero storage. Migrate your videos and images into Google Photos for better file management and zero consumption by photos stored as "High quality."

Need more help managing or migrating your data and files? Lost in a sea of backups and external hard drives labelled with names like "Backup to the backup"? Nephological has a killer success rate in resolving and future-proofing file management issues. Contact a system engineer at to consult with an expert!


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